why do a thing like db

report on latest additions

preview of subscription benifits

directly accessible here

democracy at work

adventures of your curator

Nothing to do on a rainy day? No need to pick up your umbrella;
At db you can get a museum experience like no other
without getting out of your front door.
without the hassle of standing in line for the most popular works.
you are allowed to touch the objects
and you can ask questions at the guide
Eh, coffee you still have to get yourself and for meeting a
sweet fellow visitors? sorry, we did not set up a chat-parlour, yet.

the site may be called delftboys, and the boys may be farmers,
but they're pretty clever and educated:
they know what they like and love to show off
dutch tolerance plays an important role too:
some boys are romantic, others are whores or into extreme kinks,
but they always respect each other, so just be kind to them,
treat 'm as you'd like to be treated, and they'll open up

June 2002, four years going, some things were redirected:
until that point it was free, with a password to control dataflow.
Now Masterclass takes off with more resolution, quality and updates
for everyone who tickles the boys through a donation
hey, even farmers cannot live on sun, love, respect and wanking only
and you can see for yourselves:
they worked their asses off on this project

now just you subscribe, you hear !
eh . . please ?