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3 types of content here . . . .
  • the prime galleriepages deal with the 4 core artists
    plus a few others by artists who specifically asked to be in the free area
  • thumbnailversions of all pages that are in the masterclass,
  • some bonus pages, that are just fun to watch and have more to do with
    recent socio-cult history of the world of us kwierboiz, giving a
    more-real-life-than-art insight in origins of your db-curator's preferences.
The absolute main delftboys attraction first: the 3 artists that make up the db-core-content with over 25 galleries amongst them:

Willem Kok was the guy who sparked my curiousity in homo-erotic art around 1980 and started my exploration through it's world continuing till this day.
This page has great sentimental value as it was made when he was still alive and I did discuss the content with him. The style may be a bit dated, but it was early internet days back then.
It's a historic document to me.

Tom Jones tought me the purpose for a site like this, to share treasures and educate: dickstirring imagery can bring about glorious effects on the brains department too. He has a storefront here with over 50 of his latest and best sliding past
Harry Bush was the guy who was friends and THE source of inspiration for both the above two artists and in my humble opinion the greatest talent in the American-art-heritage; The van Gogh of american porn-art
a new friend of mine who not only hosted me through the 2006 Tom of Finland foundation artfair, but also made a huge fresco for my domed bedroomceiling and is a genious in both digital rendering and handcrafted imagery and also a pioneer in the field of animated porn and 3D imagery is Falco.

another coreproject is our history:

With this new century it is about time we give our own culture some respectability.
so first we must make make clear why church and worldly autorities and we homo's ourselves have put it down for so long
if you want to fresh up your queer art history knowledge do look through these pages:

history 5 era's some parts of history have gotten special galleries, like pre war germany, history of modeldrawing, more modelstudy, the huge collection of nazi sculpture plus islam art had to be moved to the masterclass.

also added a small fun-example of the weird twisted (for some) homo erotism of SM and bondage.
sure you can find lot's of great artwork for free on the internet
but we've all learnt that the word free must be approached with some suspicion
the internet community has taken some time to get to terms with the demise of that dream of limitless opportunities. It took a huge econmic crisis and after that moral majorities got to work to ensure your free content was kept under control of multinationals that had a political strategic agenda all of their own. Recent clampdowns at MSN and Yahoo are just a starter for the nastyness that's still to come. For now I remain in a position to do what must be done from within the country I reside in from the beautiful city I live in as you can find out by clicking on the image right.

a free access gem certainly is the M.W.A.R.S. cartoon by Josman.
M.W.A.R.S. stands for My wild and raunchy son and is amazing !
As lots of people had trouble downloading it,
I'm happy he gave me permission to mirror the site here,
also without the tedious hetero porn-ads above and below,
again showing the great difference it makes when a site is funded by artlovers themselves.

some fav photo's

page on bondage

photo art part 6

photo's part 2

" Andy,
Andy your so sweet,
hangin on the wall "

no no,
he did not just do soupcans, stars, kings and queens

photo's part 3

Paul Patterson


photo art part 5

Paul Patterson 2

more elaboration on our history:
the trials and tribulations guys who depicted male nudes had to endure through the ages

photo's part 4

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we thought the English had a weird sense of morals when it comes to sexuality,
it being the only civilised country where customs still confiscated porn
but some Swiss friends of mine,
who have an erotic theater and art production-company
had their house raided and pc confiscated by Zürich police.
Since the swiss, with their traditional form of democracy, in their infinite wisdom, have decided that pissex and sm must be judged the same as child porn.
Of course
we do not agree there,
and I felt it necessary to show here what's forbidden in another European country.
Switserland is not part of the European market and, like the UK, still keeps it's own currency, may I voice my opinion here? Bad idea! Makes me avoid hassle when en route to Italy and Ireland, even though these pages show I love to visit my friends in these 2 countries (and spend some more money). So, please, Swiss and UK voters: help facilitate visiting them in the 'flesh'. meanwhile do check their pages

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that's more then enough free access galleries for all you passers by; just a few snippets left here and there . . .

your route to all things homo-erotic and arty around the world
the boysclub pages: your route to controlled democracy as you and the boys decide what makes up the collection
my own splashpages

on there
you can, similar as on delftboys, by clicking back in time, view the full collection of mouthwatering art works that served to attract you guys to the db site over the past years
give me something to drink and the floodgates will open. Unstoppable, my opinions about everything, especially if it has to do with my favorite sport, yes the one played in unlit cellars, are blurted across the universe in my darkroomdiaries.
I also comment on the adult industry, but as content controllers lack any sense of humor, I have taken out the direct link here. Although, as with any external link, according to Dutch law, I only say: "I can and will not be held responsible for the content of externally linked public sites. However, I will adhere to Dutch law in sofar as I try not to lure you to sites promoting crime or terrorism or religion of any sort, unless, of course, it's just body worship.

the renowned asshole-poem Rimbaud and Verlaine published 1871

see all pages in 4 languages: FR, EN, NL, DE

+ bonus

we've all learnt to conserve by now

and especially in queer circles, as we all know, trash is appreciated and many of us just thrive on trash
didn't Andy W teach us trash is art and the other way around ?
(me, I'm the ultimate sucker for human wasteproduct, and the two organs that release it, for one)
so here's all the old stuff: things that are more or less my scrapbook, in concept for presentation,
or have a layout that does not work on all pc systems,
pagedesign experiments that ran out of hand in a glorious way . . .
some other stuf from my personal pages. . .
it may make you smile anyway. Some treasures can be dug up here too.
All in the b e s t - p o s s i b l e - t a s t e of course ;)

in Watersport

hard choices:

the old sexpix

Asswipe slideshow

Uhhggly dicks

historic dboizpage
historic dmenpage

my personal linx
So, unless I forgot something (very likely: eh just thought of my ultrawrong queer rolemodels collection at
kings&queens), (and uh, my old watersport-collage), this is all you can visit straight away.
Note: hardly any artwork here below. The bulk of that is behind the masterclass password.
The free pages are not made with less passion, less style or less quality as the masterclass.
They're a selected set of galleries that give a reasonable impression of the way we do things at db.
It is continuously filling up with great quality content, just as visually stunning as the masterclass.
Meanwhile I don't mind to admit: I do lick ass of those who keep db afloat financially ;)
Delftboys is devoted to keeping the great heritage of erotic art pioneers alive. (1850-1980)
The artifacts of this period are quickly disappearing.
We've reached a special point in time, where many of the original holders of pioneer erotic art collections and estates are passing on.
Some of estates of the original artists are being split up and auctioned away.
Valuable porn collections amassed by our own "Uncle Steve" or "Grampa Jim" are getting trashed
so the rest of the family doesn't discover their gay secret.
Because of this, our community is losing a valuable part of its heritage.
Further we try to bring you the most surprising, original and promissing new talents in the marketplace first.
Thus helping them to make a name for themselves
and get through those awfully unrewarding first years of their carreer. membership fees contribute to the costs of procuring, scanning and catalogueing this work
and preserving it in this digtal environment for future generations.
The db-mission includes personal customer service,
you'll find a real person behind this website who take your suggestions and concerns personally. Thanx,

more on drives and goals and strategies and why we use so much text instead of images on the editorial page.