225 Saint Sebastians Dominus Vobiscum ,
I've just gathered all I have on our Seb of diffferent ages and different techniques and authors here. See if you can identify the authors. Amongst them:
Leonardo Da Vinci, Caravagio, a church window from Messina, van Dyck, Polayola, Duerer, Jack Cowan, Tessari, Salvator Rosa, Pedro Centeno (2), Jaques Moreau (3), El Greco (2), John Blaker, Kinrod, Maurice Heerdink (3), Ribera, Gabriel, Yantorno, Courmes, Keith Haring, Noé Hernández, Philpot Glynn, Bruce Weber, Aurichio, Mark, Muhamed Ali, Ricardo Cinalli, Mishima, Pierre et Gilles (4), Lebeaupin, Ralf König, Palanca, Kuchar, Ford, Egon Schiele, lots of Renaisance guys with names like Da Verona or Da Messina or Belluci, de Bellis, Arpino, Murano, Bazzi, Hans Memling or Raphael. Barok guys like Rubens or Preti and a few recent ones from guys like Michael Bergt, Redin, Cowan, Fusby, Mcarcel, Litzroth, Bernard, Tom Jones or sculpturers like Giorgetti, Fedi, Dejoux, Hubert Gerhard or Gerhard Lentink.

Working on such a vast project is an ever continueing objet d'amour
Three more links here:
the always unfinished list of works
for those who never heard of Saint Seb and why he's a gay icon a short introduction to the legend.
Some of the most spectacular sebs are not done much justice with the slideshow and deserve a space in a large scale gallery.
here you have another page going deep into the iconografy and the legend.
If in doubt you can as always find the imagename with a right mouseclick on it and then click properties .
If still in doubt, or you have more outstanding Sebs, do mail me. I'd appreciate that.