To get some new inpiration in continueing the efforts to maintain this site as a reference for everybody seriously interested in homo art
I went on a trip to the october 2006 Tom of Finland artfair in LA.

The idea was to meet as many artists as possible, both that I've been in contact with over the years and new ones, in the flesh.

First on my list was Steve Sherer, known as the artist Falco, who I visited at his home in Desert Hot Springs, a few days in advance.
It was weird to see the house I only knew as digital background on his orgywork in real life:

I got to sleep in a tv studio, since the guestrooms are planned to be in the new house steve wants to build here,

he supervises the building meanwhile from a mobile home:

The relaxed desert atmosphere and Palm Springs laidback gay life were just what the doctor ordered after the hectic Poptahof festival days.

but relaxation was not the main goal of this trip so I moved my ass over to the San Vicente Inn resort in West Hollywood:

and delved into the LA traffic in a little KIA I hired:

to make my way to the first event: the artists reception over at Laveda Terrace, the headquarters of the ToF-foundation:
It took me a while to find the place but thanx to the map Bill (the Hun) Schmeling had sent me I did eventually,
to find he event was a sweet and warm affair, hosted by a group of hot volunteers,
who were all motivated by the no nonsense attitude of Michael Kerwan, artist in residence.

It was good to see how the ToF-foundation works and tries to find its bearings in the vast world of homo art from the home of Durk Dehner

the space where the real work gets done is actually very small and resides in the attick

where we also find the tiny bedroom that once was occupied by Tom:

the house is jampacked with work from some of my favorite artists:

I was amazed to find sculpture there by allltime favorite Palanca

I always thought he only worked on cheap paper and pizza boxes, but no:

it feels real good to see how this home functions as a shrine for toms heritage and office and residence and . . .remains dickstirring:

besides art the place is also filled with boots of Durk, and the occasional mouse:

a few more examples, like this work by Patick Lee:

or this great sculpture by Lupetti I found in the loo:

or this nicely decorated cabinet by Ross Johnston:

two other examples: an oil by John Blackburn, author of the Legendary Coley cartoons
and marble by Marcella Lupetti

more sculpture by Garrett Dean Mc Fann :

photography :

Attila Richard Lukacs :

even Greasank found his way to this landing

now over to the fair itself and this hot volunteer guarding Michael Kirwans stand:

I was also surprised to find Marc DeBauch looks just as hot as his artwork :

another by Marc:

Fernando Reyes, the featured artist of the fair . . oh no, sorry, that is Miguel Angel Reyes!

etch by Jon Gatto, art for customers with BALLS, it says on his card. a Real sweet man though!

a classic Great I found in the foundation collection :

he's a real favorite, so I had to make room here for a second one :

Ingmar looking at the 3d and animations at the Falco stand :

Michael Thorn trying out the glasses needed to see Falco cocks in 3d, while Falco studies his Instigator :

another hot observer :

and another type of 3d work by Ross Johnston :

one more, called: Cocktails for one (straightened)

so California; having a smoke at the emergency exit :

guy minding Rick Castro stand

Benoit Prevot and assistant

torsos made from leather, looked pretty hot

this ass worked over from the front:leather too

sweet guy Ingmar of Irkutsk, out of focus, but still . . .

I registered here at André DeLoach "Empyrean Photography"
now if only he finds room for a 56 year old fit shiteating boy. He did say he had another shiteating artist from 2 booths on
(I know who but should not reveal identities here) signing up; so who knows will he manage a double session,
even though it is illegal in most U states. That would be so hot and a serious motive to come again next year

The place is so packed with artwork; someones aquisitions have to remain on the floor

drawing classes there too

another model

and another; both of these pix are not mine but Larry Kephart's

here they are: the dynamic duo Axel and Thorn

Another main contributor to the status as the worlds nr.1 filth and perv magazine of Instigator: photographer SergioKardenas
(I bought his self portrait on the left)

The icon (right) and 40 years later (left): Peter Berlin still going strong, be it out of focus

Belasco does great black and latino men, both drawn and sculpted

silver sweets by John Hough, who does hot-ography :

one from one of my all time heroes :

also main contributor to the discussions; here about the artist Link

pornstar generations

hey, is that not me ?

a wet & messy crotch, sure !

my dress for the sunday; more fresh air :

more beauties

8 images with IGP in the filename including the last 6 were kindly made available by fellow photographer and Vietnam Veteran Larry Kephart