There were so many great works in the batch Paul mailed me to share with you that they did not all fit in one gallery. Here's the second batch
quite a bit more party oriented, and possibly just the kind of work you'd like to give as present to a special friend or have on your own wall?

the one above here is the complete version of the one the original gallery started with.
now wouldn't you like to have an original of one of these as a christmas present?
and a few more not shown before:
most the works here and on the previous page are now for sale
for information about canvas size, tecniques used and guideline prices
do get in contact with Paul Patterson himself.
I can only say here that I find his pricequality standard very reasonable
and his approach as selling artist very agreeable
transactions through paypal, for instance are possible.
sweet taste
caught !

Paul's not only good at depicting whatever kink fantasy you may have, for that ultimale pure sweet portrait of your lover there's also no better man then
Paul Patterson
cute lad
australian rules football ?
and let's do that again real soon
that's it
from here
you can
go to :
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