Masterclass members may have seen quite a lot of Paul already on general galleries nr. 5 and nr.9, but he asked me to share the work with all of you, so let's repeat some of the great ones first:

these images drew my attention to Paul first time
but they look so much better this time around
now he's sent me the original pix of most in much higher resolution.
(first 2 are older webfinds)
how I approve of and enjoy this kind of culturemixups, so humorous; about time too!
below a few not shown before:
don't know about you guys,
but I always get the feeling that I'd want to see Paul's work in a higher resolution;
. . . I really want to see these dicks closer up, or rather feel, taste, smell them.

is that thing real?
kosher meat

too late to cool down; I'm comiiinnggg !
ask a stupid question, get a stupid answer, you bet I'm in heat

two more
sure, I'm on the guestlist
on a sports theme:
australian rules football ?

Or medical?
or ehh, watersports ?

UK rugby

you want something done about that too?



good news

not all the works fotted on one page,
so there is
a second helping,
just dig in
. . . hmmm

what shall we do now he's harmless
and let's do that again real soon
now you probably want to get in contact with Paul, to get your dirty hands on one of these works . . .

I did,
and my experiences with Paul were pretty spectacular, as you can judge for yourself in the masterclass:
he more than makes good what he promisses.

to finish here a message from Paul himself:

As everybody who's seen my private pages knows, I am a bit of an exhibitionist.
So I really wish I could give the link to the commission-work Paul mentioned above to everybody here, as I am portrayed in it (as well as Paul himself), but the work is just so huge and the content is just a touch too much to allow general viewing, so only guys with a masterclass password can proceed to the report on this mutually very satisfactory commission project.
Hope you understand.