Chech porn hero Johan Paulik meets a very old friend

Willem1 original 1st page made by Willem and me when he was still alive
Willem2 gallery of my favorite Willem works
Willem tribute on occasion of exhibition 's Hertogenbosch NL june 2001
plus a new find from Ed Chapman added november 1st 2001 !
willem' s heavier serious body mutilation stuff . . .
vintage Dorus complete strip early Willem work when Willem was still Dorus
Dorus 2 some more great old faded photosets
Willem 5 some more color on occasion of the new mastrerclass opening
Willem 6 the boyscout drawings of Willem

Harry Bush first page I did on the guy
Bush's 2nd page incredible images turned up october 2001.
Bush's 3rd the christmascard you're looking for could be here
Bush's 4th page new additions for feb 2002 . . .
Bush's 5th page fresh for mrch 2002 . . . they keep coming
Bush's 66th page new treasures are still being dug up . .
Bush's 7th page all new more never seen new discoveries,
Bush's 8th page all new more new discoveries, again . . .
Bush's 9th page all new finale, latest discoveries . . .
something differrent: a tale inspired by a Bush drawing
here's more: blow your mind reading all will take a full day

Tom Jones 1 fav oilpaintings by a spectacular new friend.
Tom Jones 2 the black and white collection.
Tom Jones 3 new works for september 2001.
Tom Jones 4 new works for april 2002.
Tom Jones 5 new works for may 2002.
Tom Jones 6 newer works for may 2002.
Tom Jones 7 even newerworks for november 2002.
Tom Jones' slideshow newest works from november 2002 till today.

some of my fav works in general art -1
old original page not too strict in catagories (some photo's) general art -2
various artists very special to me and/or funny original general art -3
more miscellaneous on the same theme general art -4
great stuff, Rex and more . . .general art -5
even more : Ted of Paris, Rockwell variations, Jeronimus Bosch, Beau art -6
Henry Scot Tuke, Richard Walace, Rick Chris, Douglas Simonson, Roger Hardy in art -7
Patrick Fillion, Labelle, Logan, Brad Parker, Yog's, JoeT, Marco Rabino, general art -8
new for sep '02 Nigel Kent, Horiwitz, Eric, Biff, Hildebrant, Mat's Billy, Heavy stuff: general art -9
more extreemz and some sweets too in general art -10
and here's the ultimate TIT page : art -10b
really sweet and romantic: general art -11
first original masterclasspage from may '02 art -12
second becoz there always is more, and more . . . art -13
third with more pottery and frey in art -14
and here's the last and recent page3 : general art -15
and general art -16
and general art -17
and general art -18
and general art-19 "gun in the pocket" on tools showing through pants
and general art-20 on monster dicks in the open air
and general art-21
underwear, the most exotic and erotic piece of clothing
the home of a very good friend
artwork poll ( in popart)
Roman fantasy
digital pixel manupulation techniques at their best !
as technique to enhance form improved a new Pump page was long overdue.
as some religions have started a fronal attack on our culture, It's time for a cartoon page.
there are 2 pages dedicated to here's nr 2.

here's the history department, a vast field expanding over time, like the universe
the classics part 1 of the homo-erotic-history-project
the middle ages and renaissance, part 2 of the homo-erotic-history-project
the golden ages from end 16th till 18th century, part 3 of the homo-erotic-history-project
the 19th century part 4 of the homo-erotic-history-project
the 20th century till 1950; part 5 of the homo-erotic-history-project
more Macedonian history on a page dedicated to Alexander the Great
Caravaggio doing the classics, with even a bit of Michelangelo
Neoclassic nudes new for oktober 02
over ONE hundred and EIGHTY sebslides or images of saint Sebastian
some moreBaroc and Rococo art
a logpage here coz it focussses on the marblenudes of Berlin
Jean Cocteau's restored page with great historic photographs added . . .
some more recent history: Paul Cadmus
Ron Mueck example of 21st century devellopments, but homo-content is open to question
Don Bachardy a great fin de siecle page for the 20st century
and Andy Warhol

Paul Patterson new in thefree section!
Paul Patterson 2 also free!
Palanca footwear, also free!
Michael Kirwan new for november 2001
Kirwan 2 new in oktober '02!
Kirwan 3 new in decemober '02!
REX december 2001
REX 2nd for july 2003
REX 3rd for july 2003
Tom of Finland 1st for sep 2003
Olly Frey 1st gallery of march '02
Oliver Frey 2nd page, new for september 02
Oliver Frey 3rd page, for april 03
Oliver Frey 4th page, for july 03
Oliver Frey 5th page, for july 03
Oliver Frey bikeboi, complete cartoon
Ted of Paris new for september 02
Ted of Paris second helping for november 02
Ted of Paris third helping for december 02
pages listed in this paragraph below this point
may be deleted or strongly edited as of 15-10-04

Bastille a.k.a. Frank Weber, the raunchmaster, censor approved
Bastille a.k.a. Frank Weber, the raunchmaster, original page
Martin (and some Bastille) brown !
more dirt not only Martin and Bastille
slime, some more for the real connaisseur
Joe Patton, a new extreme guy for oktober '03!

Bill Ward, legend of the original drummer days
A.JaY, the man with the greatest nips !
Matt, the multi style and names man.
Matt 2, he needed an extension.
Marc DEBauch, paints in goauche.
blake, the original torture artist
Rohr part1 complete cartoon from the French
ProjetX magazine . . translated in English
Rohr 2 part 2 of legendary ProjetX cartoon finished !
original vintage mc-page on Steve Masters . . . one of the old heroes
Attilla Lukacs . . .great industrial trashy skins
Player the master of homo fairytales envisioned
Art Bernard angels
Hildebrand more vintage
Malquatta great portrait drawings and theaterposters from Brussels
Kent I call him a representative of the gay Miamy style
Franco, si si Spanky SPANKY ! may 2002
Joe T, si bon-dage ! may 2003
Beau, si bon ! may 2002
Ralf König one of the few Germans here
Kuchar the page about him
Kuchar plus a complete cartoon
Josman the father and son fantasies, both series
Boris Vallejo and all the other fantastic realists
Roscoe db's artist of the year for 2003
Kyril Fadeev, amazing russian artist

japan country deserves a page through it's special culture !
tagame complete cartoon extremely cruel
the Dutch june 2002, also coz I live there !
Willem Tetrode the original Delftboy from the 1670 era !
Reve another legend Dutchboy literary this time, so listen to the page
Vagevuur Dutch extreem SM club/hotel
with amazing art collection, a.o. their tribute to Jeronimus Bosch
the complete ( 9 minit ) videoscene used in the warfuck theater project
a compilation of that videoshoot night will be on sale from the vagevuur.
Massimo and Pierce a bit of their blacksun banned creamydick project

coverart with the most impressive queer bookcovers of all time
coverart the sequel but just as good
to finish off a page of respect: an hommage to the old farts
HELL-art: dante's inferno and nightmares and wet dreams and cold aweat
shit-art 2
BONDAGE theme page
bodymodification; stinging artwork
illustrated poetry by Arthur Rimbaud and Verlaine of course
same poetry by in French
same poetry by in Dutch
same poetry by in German


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