Michael Kirwan, So Horny, cover

Soo thrilled to find an amazing book, released just in time for the festive season by Bruno Gmunder at a price that will not scare you away in current crisis times.
The price is jusdt as down to eaqrth as Michael's style, focussing, as opposed to Hollywood or glossy 'gay' magazines (that already were too scared of adverizers to show
dirty cocks or assholes anyway), on the other aspects of his hometown (Los Angeles) with a growing part of its popilation unable to live up to "dreamfactory" requirements.
We peek along with Michael at everyday guys, real people we meet all of the time on a streetcorner, at a pissoir, park bench, gloryhole, motelroom, YMCA, school, pool, bar, darkroom.
It reminds us we don't need unrealistic sixpack abs, superyoung- and hung trained athletes to get our rocks off. In fact, isn't it much nicer to have fun with the guy you
called in to unplug your slimey personal sewage system?

find the book at the Brüno Gmünder webshop, at Amazon US, Amazon UK or, preferably, at your local faggot/adult bookstore.
some samples from this superb value-for-money santa present book and of his art in the db/queerart masterclass
logcabin Harry and the Kiltsmen Little bros ass on offer Boys pray for the biggest sinner NoFuck
Backwoods, illustration from Book coming out later this year Jock Discipline Pool Party Turns Circle Jerk  Frat Boys Hurricane Party woods
a little quote from page 16 where Michael gives his view on the future of our community (which I wholeheartedly agree with):
I see a fissure appearing: a significant portuon of our brethren will join ranks with those who clamor for monogamous marriage,
and on the other hand there will be the sex pig (they can even be two sides of the same coin).
That pig appalation is used with respect, revolutionary zeal, affection, as I'm a lifelong devotee of those rebels,
who will reject the demands of normalcy. They are the creative core that celebrates, exposes and expands our difference, our ourcast status,
and our unique contribution to civilization (by sucking off every stranger that needs release of agression, fat, hormones.
Looking at the world from an outsider's perspective, which has over the centuries proved to supply the world with its best, most profound art.
Asshole couples with adopted children and straight cohorts will NOT be honoring the tribe by hanging artwork featuring giant drooling cocks in their bedroom.
As far as I'm concerned they are coward traitors. These straight-life -clones will eventually be more of an enemy than the current street-wise homo-haters.
But that's another story for another day.
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also latest Tom Jones, Falco, Roscoe, Sean Platter, Player, Axel,
Bastille, Martin, Ajay, Kirwan and other hard to swallow (for some) stuff inside
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