Francois Xavier Fabre 1791 Abel's death

It's obvious, the crisis is hitting hard within our queer artist community.

Many outlets, renowned for outspoken and liberal erotic content have terminated publication.
Of the international magazines we only have Instigator left, which courageously struggles on under the inspirational guidance of its editor Michael Thorn.
Major musea and galleries steer clear of controversial subject matter, and seem only to invest in glitter and gold, as always the safest investment.
The small New Jersey based bedroom mag under the suggestive name of FirstHand offered a platform for storywriters and graphic artists until 2010.
Printed matter has overall lost out to online media, but these are easy prey to mass moral attack
(as this website and artists like REX and Bernard have experienced and suffered, advocating the lowering of the age of concsent
(in an age where puberty has set in years earlier) instead of raising it ind blind child-abuse panic.
We sadly experienced digital media are far more shallow, fickle, twinkish, nerdish, less durable, superficial and vulnerable to breach of privacy,
for whice the old media had after centuries of struggle finally secured exclusion legislation.

We only have the two salontable publication companies with German names left that, although greatly appreciated for bringing many of our artists in public view,
due to their middle-of-the-road stature steer clear of all true edgy content.

Overlooking our history, we must recognise we may have prospereded in periods when public and religious authorities went through periods of leniance and tolerance,
but we thrived with most profound and in the long run most treasured works in periods of austerity.
Right now we go through such a period of severe intolerance towards almost all minorities and cultural experimenting. Our own community,
largely chooses to avert confrontation by bowing towards normality, even turning against our own when we object to such cowardice action.
But then, to prove we produced our most glorious and most valued art treasures in periods of headwind and austerity I've gone through the db history folders
and came up with some samples of superb undercover homo erotic art or works disguised as christian martyrdom-art which can be sampled below and digested in full at the db masterclass
and especially in the 3 history HighRes pages (you may notice below, I did not get beyond the letter A of the alphabetoc history samples below) .
Vincent van Gogh Standing male nude.Was that the boy who shot him? GerardReve, revolutionary Dutch gay writer of last century, autor of 4th man moviescript, was refused our highest literary award by Belgian king because he defended his partner againt child abuse charges Carravaggio, queer S&M artproducer for the Vatican Verlaine and Rimbaud, writers of worlds 1st asshole worship poetry. Beautifully depicteed by Leonardo diCaprio in Total Eclipse
Abraham Bloemaert Deluge 16th century 1650 Michiel Sweerts wrestlers 2 friends 19th Century 2 friends caught 16th century Abraham Bloemaert Apollo en Diana straffen Niobe, 1591
Agnolo Di Cosimo named Bronzino Monticelli, Florence 1572 Portr of Guidubaldo Della Rovere 1532c Albrecht Duerer 1521 Bernard von Reesen Dresden Albrecht Duerer St. Sebastian Alexander Kiselev 1884
delftboys/queerart tries to give homo erotic art the historic perspective and roots plus all respect and status it deserves online
Not only the great legends of our culture, like Willem Kok,
Harry Bush, Etienne, Hun, ToF, Kirwan, Ted of Paris, Etienne or REX,
also latest Tom Jones, Falco, Roscoe, Sean Platter, Player, Axel,
Bastille, Martin, Ajay, Kirwan and other hard to swallow (for some) stuff inside
and many talents got noticed here first.

You can as always go back to the splash page of last month, reporting on the book of Michael Kirwan,
check out the new content on db,
masterclas members find their way around the multitude of highres content,
everybody can sample the vast db/queerart masterclass collection in thumbnails,
or read up on the adventures of the webmaster on the weblog.

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