Patrick Fillion
As usual around this time of year we chose ourselves a winner of the Golden God award.
This time we selected a guy who not only built a fantastic ouvre of caracters and cartoonheroes,
but gathered a fantastic group of talented colleagues around him
and set up a publishing company from his broad base of 'brothers in the crime of perversion'.
Also as a Canadian, he has the leverage to both understand and bridge the gap
between USA 'grabbing the bull by the horns' commercialism and the Euro 'norms and values' approach.
And thus, more like the two publishing companies with the German names,
is able to not only produce salon table books, but mediate a passage between high priced elite art
and the gut feeling of experimenters and pervy pigs
and sail all of our deserving hardworking creative credible pioneers into a safe harbour
and hopefully find them some, much needed, prosperity and respectability for the next decade(s).

and here is what you could call our equivalent of the acceptance speech:

Hello Ad...

Patrick Fillion here.

I wanted to personally email you and say thank you for the amazing award. I am truly touched by this! :)
The things you wrote about me on your site were really very kind, and I appreciate what you said very much.
It's an honor to win the award this year!

It means a lot to be recognized for my work, and for what I've done with Class Comics.
I've always believed that homo erotic artists should stick together and help each other out as best we can.
It's what my partner and I try to do with Class Comics and it's really wonderful to know that someone has noticed!

Thank you again so much for this wonderful honor.
I am very proud of my Golden God Award!!!

All the very best, and keep up the amazing work you do!

Patrick :)

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