cleanish start
a shitty gallery
'bout time too

american graffiti

a page I do for myself this time.
Lots of Bastille on this subject
and there is the specialist Martin, who has a gallery of his own
Even in our tolerant country this preference goes beyond
what's acceptable to many.

Now without further adoo, on to the

a <b c

this one looks very much inspired by the work of Röhm, who can be seen straight below here (distinguishable as he always signs his work, he obviously is not too afraid to identify with the 88 crowd.police feeding

also, for reasons of being as complete as possible, just one from the tank:
great drawing by Hun
he has a dedicated gallery
on this subject
Even our supersweet teletubby stylequeens Pierre and Gilles did their bit in this field:
eat drink
and our UK/US skinfriend Player
has this one to offer on the subject:

just know authors fist name: Franz again, Martin of Holland has a website of his own plus a dedicated gallery here.
Bastille has 3 dedicated galleries here.

turd fingering

a Martin find
a completely unknown author but pretty talented and a Martin find.
right a very hot constructionworker plus one of the hottest photo's ever
a very hot constructionworker

one of the hottest photo's ever

summer party poster museum Boymans Rotterdam
above is a pic I shot a few miles from home, in the most prestigious museum of the city of Rotterdam
left is a poster for the 04 summerparty of some tasty french pigbuddies
the one right here is rumoured to be originating from Den Haag. Don't think it's a style exercise of MOH, but he sure did add some brown to one ass here. justin
here's martin's mini biography and another vintage piece from SF below:

another oldie San Fransisco 1978KA guy called KA Z
below 3 more by dig-art master greasetank:

another oldie San Fransisco 1978another oldie San Fransisco 1978

another oldie San Fransisco 1978

for you special lovers of this shit there is another page with photo's by the legendary Bisulean Slime Man and treaures from Martin's archive. this glasslikerubbershitter, WOW, can almost smell him!
last ones, first by Jiroh Takahata:
Jiroh Takahata if anyone can translate the posted text ?
this one was in Ted's first gallery
a higher resolution version shows detail
that makes for an entry at this page
hungry for . . .
pigman tagame as finale; cu
another unknown just came in


another shitgallery
is here.

just do it . . .