the story obviously is not finished at this point
may I suggest you order the complete cartoon ( 4 albums series Gohr #1 - #4 )
from the HUN himself at thehun@teleport.com.

I had the pleasure to meet Bill at an exhibition at MrB Amsterdam.
Here are the two original pencil draughts I aquired there:

fun thing here is the dates:
the one above is from 2005 and the one below from 1988
17 years apart, but very similar in style and handling.

some other extreme ones drawn from various toons are below:
originally I was a bit embarrassed by the images on this page.
Surely not by the activity they depict, but by the questionable quality of the reproductions at hand.
With both Martin and myself handing out comments about the amateurish attempts at scanning and processing the works of the Hun
and the disrespectful distribution of them without paying hommage to the Master.
I felt awful that we did not offer the works of our most admired contributor online here in a fashion dat did sufficient justice to them.
So only one of the old batch remains here, just to show how they were online before 2010
as you see, with my best efforts I just managed to lift the hot writing to barely readable:

From this point on I made it a big deal to show them as 'clean' as the subject matter at hand allows !
All of it 'in the best possible taste' (as the late great Kenny Everett would surely agree)
and restored and cleaned up as GOOD and TASTEFUL as my hand, mind, cock, ass and processing software allowed for.
Especially the good old Mecanorma Letraset rasters (screen dots) the Hun used present us with enormous problems.
They may have been the cream of the crop in the seventies which
enabled us then to reproduce some sort of greyscale on the good old Xerox copiers.
Nowadays they are nothing but an awful pain in the ass, just resulting in tremendous filesizes.
I have carefully and painstakingly removed some of them from substandard works that were here previously.
But then I also would not like to be accused of false representation of our history,
so at certain points I did decide to maintain them and opted for smaller sized reproductions instead.

I'm not sure which Gohr cartoon album these are from.
For that I still do hope to receive catalogue data from Martin
nor am I claiming that the full storyline remains intact in this presentation:

As some of you may or may not know, the Hun still does offer the original albums for sale,
and with it tries to supplement his income somewhat to survive the current depression.
All in all it has been a tremendous act of courage of the Hun
to keep them available troughout the repressive nightmare periode of the Bush years.
Where 'bloodshed and gore' in porn was declared illegal in American porn.
(with the 'tasteful' exeption of course for glorification of the US war efforts in Hollywood movies)