april '14
black & white

Continuing the different look of the db/queerart frontpage
Due to his all month exhibition
we continue to dedicate the entire month to promote :
the legendary black inkdot genius
who is also a beloved, but just as often hated, dear mate: REX, yeeeaaah !!!

you can also move back to a calender to read up on this entire history.
also this month we draw attention to the male nude in religious history,
the theme of a continuing exhib at Mooiman Groningen,
with a special lecture on this them on saturday 14th and sunday 15th.
if you want to attend, reserve via e-mail @ .
the usual db/queerart lobby or the adabakenbrada weblog remain as usual
and registered users can click to the masterclass section
you can still click back the frontpage of previous month
(dedicated to Mike)
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